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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Angry Bird Minions!!

Handbuilt Clay "Minions" 8-10 year old class

Finished Minions

Angry Bird Instructor Demos

Clay Pinch Pot Angry Birds -Age 8-10

Summer is here, and I am thrilled.  Typically summer is my busiest season.  Not much time for blogging, but loads of time for art.  I teach summer day camps at the local art gallery for 5 weeks.  I love art camp as it fills me with creative energy.  The above photos were from todays class of 8-10 year old students, and they NAILED it!   They made pinch pot sculptures of the ever popular Angry birds and Minions from the summer hit Despicible Me 2.  The creative vibe was flowing as the kids worked diligently for two and a half hours on this fantastic pieces.  So much fun.  After they are bisque fired we will paint them with acrylic paints. Hope to post more summer assignments as time goes by.  If not, I'll be back more frequently come fall!
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