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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Quick Fixes say wha???

Water Coloured Sugar Skull girls
ATC Sugar Skull Girls-Water Colour and Ink

Well, it's Tuesday again, and that means its time for List it Tuesday over at Artsyville.  This week's theme is quick fixes.  Bahaahahaha!   Quick Fixes... giggle snort.  I'm going to share with you, for your viewing pleasure, my "quick" fix.  Which isn't actually quick at all, nor is it fixed.  It all started a short while ago... four years to be exact.  Mr. Krazy and I decided to finish the pit of despair, known as our basement.  It was going to be grand, lovely, a wonderful hangout, a bedroom for our soon to be teenager, and even, yes EVEN a Studio for me!  <le gasp!>  After all, Mr. Krazy has his rather large, (as in take up my backyard, and ruin my flower beds) mancave/woodworking shop, don't I too deserve a place, a sanctuary if you will, to call my own.  I had one, ONE stipulation people!  That my room be finished first, so that it not be neglected.. and here we are... four years later.... I present to you....

My Sanctuary
My haven of respite.... please note sarcasm!
Isn't it beautiful! Unfinished dry wall, sub-flooring, storage of crap.... It has soooo much potential!   It will get there... eventually... 
Until then, I will remember be thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and people who love me.  Keeping things in perspective. 
Be Safe and Love Yourself...  Especially all of you on the East Coast!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Raven

ATC Card -Various media, water colour, ink, colour pencil

I have a dear friend MC.  MC is a free-spirited, eccentric, beautiful man.  He grew up in the flower power 60's.  Enough said.   Each year MC spends time out in California near Big Sur at a place called Esalan.  He's gone every year that I've known him, and many more beyond that.  It's a holistic retreat of sorts, a gathering place of artists, dancers, poets, writers, free-spirits, and kindred souls.  It is the perfect place for MC.  There he dances and sweats to his content in a frenzy of gestaltian therapy.   I'm oversimplifing as I am sure there is more to the experience than what I have written.   These cards, serendipitously enough, are a tribute to Gabrielle Roth, one of MC's many teachers who passed away on October 22nd.  Ms. Roth was a dancer, shaman, and founder of the 5rhythms dance, a way of dancing as meditation.  Again, over simplifing, but please, do follow the links to learn more about this woman.  She's fascinating.  When I came across and ATC swap in honour of Ms. Roth, it spoke to me and of my friendship with MC.  For that is how I know Gabrielle, through the stories and anecdotes told to me by MC.  I though, what a better way to celebrate my friendship with this amazing human being than creating art as a tribute to one his mentors.  Each card is based on a rhythm, flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.  The order in which the 5rhythms is danced.  Four are being swapped, and the fifth, Stillness, has been gifted to MC.  The aprespo-ness (is that even a word) of MC being given stillness, is comical, as MC is NEVER still, and he confided it was the rhythm he has the most trouble with.  As I write this, MC is preparing for a journey south to Esalen again.  I wish him safe journey.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

A lovely Irish Blessing, I leave to MC and all of you out there. 

Stay Safe, and Love Yourself

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Betty Boop swap cards, Acrylic ink and Pen

It's List It Tuesday again over at Artsyville!  Oh, how I love Tuesdays.. they are almost better than Friday's now.. infact I wish everyday could be a Tuesday such is my glee at having a reason to create lists!!!  This weeks theme was Overheard.   Well, let me tell you, overhearing has gotten me into trouble over the years, but rather than list all my sordid transgressions, I though I would tell you some of the comments I overheard today.  Let's see if you can guess where I heard these comments... hmmm.  Without further ado.

  • No, you don't have to pull your pants down here.
  • It won't come out of my chest!
  • It could be hormonal, then again it could be a mood disorder.
  • Oh my, what happened to your face??
  • Look at the witches house!
  • So not only that, you're a liar too.
  • I've been hacking up green stuff for three weeks.
  • Do you take debit?
  • Are you going to poke yourself in the eye again?
Yes, this was all overheard at one place!  Too funny.  So, lovely kindred souls, where was I?

Stay safe and Love Yourself,

Saturday, 20 October 2012

ATC Addiction

Water Colour and Ink

Water Colour and Ink

Oh heaven help me, as if Art Journaling isn't addictive enough, I have discovered the joys of Artist Trading Cards!  What is an Artist Trading Card??  Think baseball cards, like the one's you would collect as a kid, with the gum inside.  Except no gum, well if you wanted to you could send gum, could get messy.  Just saying... They are 2.5" by 3.5" miniature pieces of art that artist from all over the world trade.  It's AMAZING. 
So there is a site, it's like mecca for traders it's called ATC's for All.  Go there, check it out, don't blame me for the addiction, I've got my own problems.    I feel like I've had an artistic epiphany.  Over the last few months, I've found my courage to make, and share my makings... publicly and dang it all, I'm on a roll.  It feels good, really GOOD, to create and explore.  I feel energized, and focused. (Or at least focused on my art :) )
 The above cards are for an ATC swap, the theme was Tim Burton style fairytale characters.  Well, anyone who knows me, and knows me well, knows that I am a Winnie the Pooh fanatic.  He's permanently etched on my body, such is the love I have for the bear.  So, I decided to Burton-ify them.    Eeyore, was a sketch in my sketchbook because heck if I knew if it was even possible that the Bear could be Burtonized.   However, I'm pretty dang happy with them!  I almost don't want to give them away, so I'm glad I at least have Eeyore! 
Stay Safe, and Love Yourself,

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Breaking up is hard to do...

Sakura and Pitt Pens with Holtz distress ink.

Wow, everyone out in blogland seems to all about the fall!  Can't say I blame them, it's a truly beautiful time of year, but I'm kinda ready to move on, you know?  It's not you Autumn, it's me.  No... please, don't cry.  We can still be friends, and maybe in a year from now, when we've both experienced more, we can try again... don't worry I'm not leaving your for Winter.  She's nasty and ice cold.  Till we meet again, dear Autumn.
The above page is my response for Octobers Art Challenge over at Art Journaling, It's All Good.  It's a wonderful place for art journalers.  I encourage you to check it out.  They have tutorials, challenges, forums.  So much fun.   Go, Go there Now.
Stay Safe and Love Yourself

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Oh Canada

Collage, Acrylic and Pen

The compulsive voice inside my head loves List-it Tuesdays over at Artsyville .  Today's list is "What I Love about Where I Live".   I am proudly Canadian eh!  I live all the Canadian stereotypes.  Sorry if this offends you, but I'm unfailingly polite.  I would gladly invite you into my igloo (the door is never locked and always open) to pet my sled dog, and chinwag the benefits of being Canadian over a tall pint of Canadian Lager.  I would dress up all formal in my flannel and my toque, and serve you Peameal Bacon and poutine for dinner.  The play list would consist of Jane Arden, Tragically Hip, Alanis Morrissette, Shania Twain and the Rankins.. (Celine Dion is not Canadian, I'm pretty sure she's not even human, neither is Beiber... I digress).  It would be a golly gosh darn good evening of wholesome fun.   In no particular order
  •  Health Care
  • Freedom
  • The Great Lakes
  • Eh!?
  • Tim Hortons
  • Toronto
  • Niagara Falls - One of the seven natural wonders of the world in my backyard.
  • Cross-Border Shopping - Love tax free Pennsylvania!
  • Sound of Music Festival - Free musical awesomeness!
  • Peace
  • Monarch Butterflies. Once a year I stroll down the streets with thousands of monarchs by my side.  It's pretty magical.
  • Colourful Money
  • Laurentian Mountains
  • Tragically Hip
  • Mounties
  • Maple Anything (Bacon, Syrup, Doughnuts, Trees, just not the Leafs :0)
  • Hockey
  • Democracy
  • Canada's Wonderland - who doesn't love a stomach dropping pulse pounding roller coaster?
  • Same Sex Marriages - Love who you want, it's a free world.
  • Breastfeeding Rights (Any time, Any Where)
I have to admit, I love where I live, there truly is No Place Like Home..
Off to See the Wizard,

Fall is in the Air Prompt

Distressed ink, pounded leaves, fallen leaves, Pitt Pen, Stamps

Water Colour, Sakura Black Pen

It's Prompt time again over at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal!  This weeks prompt, Fall is in the Air.  Now, I like fall, truly I do, as the three journal pages I have regarding fall can attest to.  Two of which were done weeks before the prompt was posted.  To see my first post regarding fall click here: Falling into the Bucket.  Fall, however much I like it though, is also the gateway to the hell that is winter for me.   In winter, days are forever long, the sun is weaker, it's oh so cold, and depression has a tendency to rear it's ugly head more fiercely than in the summer months.  This prompt was great reminder that although winter is just around the corner, there are so many reasons to enjoy the moment that is granted to me today.. 
  • Tumultuous Winds
  • blazing leaves
  • crisp blue skies
  • the smell of decaying leaves
  • grey cozy days
  • feather down quilts
  • warm fuzzy sweaters
  • hot apple cider
  • pumpkin pie
  • ghostly hauntings
  • brisk autumn days
  • crackling wood fires
  • crunchy fresh apples
Do we share any common likes in fall?  Don't be shy, let me know.  It's a big world out there, and it's nice to know we are not alone.

Stay safe and Love Yourself,

Epitome of Autumn in my Backyard

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Sharpie Ghost writing under gesso, acrylic with Stencil and collage.
Today was an absolute craptastic day.  It was a day of yelling, a day of crying, a day of awkward silences.  It was the kind of day that nothing goes right and no matter how hard you try to turn it around, it's destined for failure.  Today, I was a horrible mother, I lost control, had a melt down, and scared my kids.  Yes it was a spectacular fail.  The atmosphere has been weird all weekend.  Little Krazy and Mr. Krazy have been butting heads constantly in a continuous power struggle.  I feel for Little Krazy, to feel powerless, to have someone assert themselves into your space when you just want to be left alone.   So much frustration and anger, and the only way to release it is in yells and tears.  To be told to stop it, or be quiet already.  How the mood of one person can affect so many.  I feel for Mr. Krazy, to constantly be told by your son to go away, I don't like you, I don't wanna hear you, you're stinky.  I feel for my middle Krazy, trying so hard to play the peace keeper, to stay out of the way, to be heard, to be happy.  I feel so deeply the pain that this family is in.  The unfairness of our emotional upheaval, and seemingly ineffectual ways of dealing with our problems.  I wonder if we will improve, if therapy will be our life preserver or if we will merely pull each other under.  Today was a bad day.  I'm gonna leave it here, where it will become the past.  I hope that tomorrow dawns brighter. 

Stay Safe, and Love Yourself,

Saturday, 13 October 2012

There is a sucker born...

Acrylic and Permapaque

So I discovered a new lovely blog Artsyville.  It's a beautiful place over there and I encourage you to check it out.  The above journal page was in response to Artsyville's List it Tuesday.  Oh who doesn't love a good list?!!   It was really hard to narrow it all down, but here it is, my list of thinks I go Kookoo for!

1. IQ Tests...
2. Cats
3. Gingers (both the people and the root)
4. Accents.. Gah!
5. Red Velvet Cake...yummy!
6. Giraffes... Hello Melman!
7. Cake Vodka
8. Halloween
9. Sales - esp. art supply sales
10. Sea Glass
11. Back Scratches.  (if I was a bazillionare like Bill Gates, I would hire someone just to scratch my back... it would be a hedonistic indulgance)
12.  Foot massages (see above)
13.  Flirty old men.
14. My kids
15. Cotton Candy
16. Cheese
17. Twilight FanFic... oh gawd, I can't believe I'm publicly admitting it... don't judge!
18. Paper... any and all
19. Pumpkin Pie
20. Chocolate
21. Gerber Daisies
22. Stone Farm houses
23. Pop up books
24. A good cry
25. Cottages
26. Christmas
27. Cheesecake
28.  Bubble Baths
29. Baby Kisses

So if you are joining me here, tell me what are somethings that you are a sucker for?  Do we share any likenesses?  Don't be shy.  Say hello!  It's a big world out there!  Waves at Val, and Mary!  Please, do check out Artsyville! It's awesome.

Stay Safe and Love Yourself

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Everyday's a Good Day when You Paint

One of my most vivid childhood memories is of rushing home on my lunch hour to watch Bob Ross and his magical paintbrush on PBS television.  I would sit down with my bowl of Chef Boyardee and be riveted to the TV as Bob danced his paintbrush across the canvas creating effortless landscapes of far off places.  Even the bleakest sick day was made better by Bob's soothing voice as I lay on the couch in feverish stupor.   The hypnotic cadence of his voice, his gentle wisdom and encouragement have stuck with me over the years.  Even now I say to my students "There are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents."  Ah, Bob, words to live by to be sure.  I stumbled across this remix video of Bob on youtube.   It was an instant transport back to when days were longer, brighter, and carefree.  I love this video hard, it makes me smile, it inspires the inner child in me to believe, to believe, to believe anythings possible and I can do it.   I say the world needs a little more Bob Ross, it would be a kinder gentler place.... I believe.
Stay Safe, and Believe in yourself,

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Monster from the Blue Lagoon

Original Page
Altered page: Collage, Acrylic, pen, and feathers
Well, here is my first page in the altered pop up book. It's still a work in progress, but I think I've decided in the direction I want to take it. There are five pages in total, each page will be a different colour study and a different representation of my inner self, my demons, my less than desirable parts. I figure Halloween is coming, this should scare the shtuffing out of me... Spoooky!!

Be safe and love yourself!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Trading Cards by Elvina
Last week I received some lovely ATC's or Artist Trading Cards from a lovely woman in the United Kingdom by the name of Elvina.  She and I formed a kinship over our love of Alice in Wonderland!  She was my first set of cards that I received and I'm so glad I decided to give it a go.  ATC's are typically 2.5" by 3", and are small examples of art that represent the makers style.  Typically they are traded in person, but can be traded in the mail!  What I love most about ATC's is that I feel that with each card I send to someone, a little piece of my soul goes and resides with it in another part of the world.  Kind of like a horcrux, only less evil, and exponentially more charming.  I like the idea that even if I've never been to England or elsewhere, my art, which by extension is a part of me, has traveled an adventerous journey to places far away.  I know I have like no huge following, in fact I have one follower (waves to Val), but if anyone stumbles upon this and would like to trade ATC's drop me a line!  My soul would love to come live with you... Lol.
Be safe and LOVE yourself,

Monday, 8 October 2012

Another year older, another year thankful

Acrylic, white and black Sharpie

It's been a crazy few days in the Krazy household.  October 6th saw the arrival of my 36th rotation around the sun.   I spent the day working, then with family eating large quantities of food in celebration of Thanksgiving.  Followed by a day for me of purchasing art supplies, going to the movies with my family, art journaling and picking up Nana Krazy from the train station for a visit.  All in all it was a lovely weekend.  So, in honour of this momentous weekend, I would like to share 36 reasons I am thankful for this year.   I AM THANKFUL FOR:

1. My husband
2. My children
3. My son's therapist
4. My daughter's therapist
5. My friends
6. My Parents
7. My extended family
8. My job
9. My health
10. My dog
11. My time for journaling
12. The roof over my head
13. The food in my belly.
14. Being a woman in Canada
15. The unconditional love and support I recieve
16.  My imagination
17. The times that are quiet
18. The times that are not so quiet
19.  My ability to see beauty
20. My ability to hear beauty
21. My ability to feel beauty.
22. Patience
23. Good humour
24. My Strength
25. My right to vote
26. My voice to be heard
27. The fact that no one can read my mind.
28. My verbal filter even if it breaks every once and awhile
29. The health of my loved ones.
30. My neighbours
31, My education
32. My Mentors
33. My ingenuity
34. My Happy Pills
35. Chocolate
36. For being able to make the journey around the sun at least one more time.

Stay Safe and Love Yourself,

Friday, 5 October 2012

Front cover of the Pop-up Book I'm planning to alter
First Page
Today I took some of my birthday money and headed down to the local Value Village.   It was lovely, being able to look around and take my time without the constant badgering of my Krazy offspring.   I picked up a small guillotine for cutting, some paper receipt rolls, an art deco day planner with awesome illustrations..(yeah, I tore that one up pretty quick!) and two pop-up books for a grand total of $13.   It's been in my mind lately to use the pop-ups as an altered art journal so I finally bit the bullet and started.  I think I will post pictures as I dawdle along with this project one page at a time! 
Stay Safe,

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bird is the Word

Acrylic Ink, Collage, Acrylic Paint, Tissue Paper, Tim Holtz Stamps, and Sharpie

So as part of my ongoing quest at art therapy, I have take to joining a couple of lovely Art Journaling blogs to help inspire my creativity.  One of my favourite sites is A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.  It's an inspiring place and I encourage you to check it out.  Anyway, if I had any tech savvy what so ever, I would figure out how to put a badge over there --> in the places I love, but alas I get confused about the html.   A project for another day.  Okay, so the prompt was Bird is the Word, and the challenge was doodle or construct yourself as a bird.   The very first thing that popped into my head was the song "Blackbird" by the Beatles.  It's one of my all time favourites.  There is something hauntingly beautiful about the song and it resonants within me.    Maybe it is because I could be that blackbird, learning to sing and fly despite the darkness.  Maybe this is my moment to arise and become the woman I was meant to be inspite of the depression, and the anxiety.   If I know one thing, is that I am well on my way to becoming exactly who it is I want to be.

Stay Safe,

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Meet Ted Pestalooney

Today is a big day in the Krazy Household!  Little Krazy visits the ENT (Ears,Nose, Throat) Specialist today, and hopefully we will get a surgery date to remove Ted Pestalooney, the Pesky tonsil!  Our family doctor laughed when she looked inside Little Krazy's mouth for a routine check up.  "Oh my gosh, I've never seen tonsils that big, it's like they are going to reach out and grab me!"  And hence Ted Pestalooney was born.  Let me just add, I LOVE my family doctor.   Little Krazy has suffered from Strep Throat his whole short 5 years.  He is typically on antibiotics several times a year.   The last dose ending this past Monday.   He also still does not sleep through the night, and I think this is largely due to his mucus producing tonsils that literally choke him awake.  I also think his lack of solid sleep might actually factor into his surely behaviour.  (I can dream)   Now, Little Krazy is NOT fond of doctors, doctors offices, or anything or anyone who looks like they MIGHT be a doctor, so we are looking forward to this appointment with a hopeful sorta dread.  We've prepared him the best we could, telling him many times over the past month, week, day, that we will be going to see the Dr., that the doctor will want to look in his throat, and that we want that doctor to remove that Ted Pestalooney so that Little Krazy doesn't become sick as often.  We have had to remind him repeatedly that although we are meeting the doctor today, Ted Pestalooney is not being removed today!   Right now Little Krazy associates the removal of Ted with copious amounts of ice cream and Popsicles thanks to his older sisters!   We will tackle the reality of removing Ted once we have a surgery date.    So I will consider today a success if we get through the appointment with no meltdowns and leave with a surgery date somewhere in the not so distant future... Like in the next couple of months and not next year! 

Stay Safe,

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mr.Krazy and I

Yesterday, Mr. K and I played hooky, and took a country drive up to St. Jacobs. St. Jacobs is a small Mennonite community about an hour or so away, filled with antique stores, artisan shops and yummy eats. After dropping off the kids at school, we made our leisurely way, enjoying the fall colours and quiet companionship. Days like this are sadly few and between. Mr. K and I have been together 14, and over those years we've seen each other through a lot.: divorce, custody issues, tragic death and loss, cancer, bankruptcy, and mental breakdowns. For better or worse, we've always come out the other side. Mr. K is depressed, a new and scary thing for him I am sure. He knows he needs to talk to someone, and although I want to help this is something he needs to do on his own. The question is, will he make the first step? For all his good qualities, Mr. K. Is an avid procrastinator and king of avoidance. Unfortunately, if he continues down this path, he inevitably will self-destruct. He is filled with so much anger, and impatience, it's disheartening to see. His relationship with myself and with the kids is eroding, and I wonder if he realizes the effects of his depression on the rest of us? I have hope though, hope that he will fight for himself and for us, his family. After all, we've been through many storms together, I really hope that this isn't the one to rip us apart...

Be safe