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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mr.Krazy and I

Yesterday, Mr. K and I played hooky, and took a country drive up to St. Jacobs. St. Jacobs is a small Mennonite community about an hour or so away, filled with antique stores, artisan shops and yummy eats. After dropping off the kids at school, we made our leisurely way, enjoying the fall colours and quiet companionship. Days like this are sadly few and between. Mr. K and I have been together 14, and over those years we've seen each other through a lot.: divorce, custody issues, tragic death and loss, cancer, bankruptcy, and mental breakdowns. For better or worse, we've always come out the other side. Mr. K is depressed, a new and scary thing for him I am sure. He knows he needs to talk to someone, and although I want to help this is something he needs to do on his own. The question is, will he make the first step? For all his good qualities, Mr. K. Is an avid procrastinator and king of avoidance. Unfortunately, if he continues down this path, he inevitably will self-destruct. He is filled with so much anger, and impatience, it's disheartening to see. His relationship with myself and with the kids is eroding, and I wonder if he realizes the effects of his depression on the rest of us? I have hope though, hope that he will fight for himself and for us, his family. After all, we've been through many storms together, I really hope that this isn't the one to rip us apart...

Be safe

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