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Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Trading Cards by Elvina
Last week I received some lovely ATC's or Artist Trading Cards from a lovely woman in the United Kingdom by the name of Elvina.  She and I formed a kinship over our love of Alice in Wonderland!  She was my first set of cards that I received and I'm so glad I decided to give it a go.  ATC's are typically 2.5" by 3", and are small examples of art that represent the makers style.  Typically they are traded in person, but can be traded in the mail!  What I love most about ATC's is that I feel that with each card I send to someone, a little piece of my soul goes and resides with it in another part of the world.  Kind of like a horcrux, only less evil, and exponentially more charming.  I like the idea that even if I've never been to England or elsewhere, my art, which by extension is a part of me, has traveled an adventerous journey to places far away.  I know I have like no huge following, in fact I have one follower (waves to Val), but if anyone stumbles upon this and would like to trade ATC's drop me a line!  My soul would love to come live with you... Lol.
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