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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Quick Fixes say wha???

Water Coloured Sugar Skull girls
ATC Sugar Skull Girls-Water Colour and Ink

Well, it's Tuesday again, and that means its time for List it Tuesday over at Artsyville.  This week's theme is quick fixes.  Bahaahahaha!   Quick Fixes... giggle snort.  I'm going to share with you, for your viewing pleasure, my "quick" fix.  Which isn't actually quick at all, nor is it fixed.  It all started a short while ago... four years to be exact.  Mr. Krazy and I decided to finish the pit of despair, known as our basement.  It was going to be grand, lovely, a wonderful hangout, a bedroom for our soon to be teenager, and even, yes EVEN a Studio for me!  <le gasp!>  After all, Mr. Krazy has his rather large, (as in take up my backyard, and ruin my flower beds) mancave/woodworking shop, don't I too deserve a place, a sanctuary if you will, to call my own.  I had one, ONE stipulation people!  That my room be finished first, so that it not be neglected.. and here we are... four years later.... I present to you....

My Sanctuary
My haven of respite.... please note sarcasm!
Isn't it beautiful! Unfinished dry wall, sub-flooring, storage of crap.... It has soooo much potential!   It will get there... eventually... 
Until then, I will remember be thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and people who love me.  Keeping things in perspective. 
Be Safe and Love Yourself...  Especially all of you on the East Coast!


  1. Hey Kalycakes! I do remember a certain desk area in my room that remained so covered with books and papers that I had to work at a coffee shop. Still do (sometimes)
    : )

  2. Quick fixes are my entire life... I swear we have painted our whole house one wall at a time when it gets a big mark on it or some such things makes us do it... if it can't be fixed in 20 mins I am outta there baby... love the list...xx

  3. Lol! Well, it's coming along nicely. 4 more years and you'll be done. :)) Love your ATCS!

  4. It looks like what I hope will be the spare room... it was the junk room when our son moved out....now it is the toy room our grandchild...plus his daddy's junk is still there. As for fixing.. i could always remove my junk in the cupboards! good luck with your room...it will be perfect one day:)
    Love your skull girls!

  5. Here's how you get it done. When Mr has a few days off in a row on the first day (this is important) while he is sitting somewhere within hearing distance. Go in the basement make A LOT of noise moving the items out of the way. When he asks what you're doing tell him. "I'm ready to get this room finished so I'm moving these things out of my way to take a few measurements." Thanks for linking to this weeks SMWYG, see you next Wednesday.

    1. Lol, Mary I wish that would work... I really really do... Mr. Krazy would prolly say... Okay, I'll just say out of your way. Did I mention he's a woodworker/carpenter / builder as well...

  6. Nice to meet you, I came here from Natasha May's Halloween Party! Your Sugar Skull Girls are just awesome!
    Good luck with the basement - and I am not being sarcastic! :) You deserve a nice studio!

  7. Welcome and thank you Anne .. I think I deserve the nice studio too!

  8. I like the shelving! {snicker} Really, it's more than I can say for my space. I decided to move into the living room and laundry room, since DH has the master-bedroom-changed-into-mancave! {:-Deb


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