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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Everyday's a Good Day when You Paint

One of my most vivid childhood memories is of rushing home on my lunch hour to watch Bob Ross and his magical paintbrush on PBS television.  I would sit down with my bowl of Chef Boyardee and be riveted to the TV as Bob danced his paintbrush across the canvas creating effortless landscapes of far off places.  Even the bleakest sick day was made better by Bob's soothing voice as I lay on the couch in feverish stupor.   The hypnotic cadence of his voice, his gentle wisdom and encouragement have stuck with me over the years.  Even now I say to my students "There are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents."  Ah, Bob, words to live by to be sure.  I stumbled across this remix video of Bob on youtube.   It was an instant transport back to when days were longer, brighter, and carefree.  I love this video hard, it makes me smile, it inspires the inner child in me to believe, to believe, to believe anythings possible and I can do it.   I say the world needs a little more Bob Ross, it would be a kinder gentler place.... I believe.
Stay Safe, and Believe in yourself,


  1. I believe too! He was a very positive person and if we artists could hear these words more often than our inner critic we would have better days! *S*

    1. Thanks for your comment Trish. I've watched this video three times today, and each time it makes me smile. It's such a silly thing, but the sentiment remains true. Bob is good for the artist's soul!


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