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Saturday, 13 October 2012

There is a sucker born...

Acrylic and Permapaque

So I discovered a new lovely blog Artsyville.  It's a beautiful place over there and I encourage you to check it out.  The above journal page was in response to Artsyville's List it Tuesday.  Oh who doesn't love a good list?!!   It was really hard to narrow it all down, but here it is, my list of thinks I go Kookoo for!

1. IQ Tests...
2. Cats
3. Gingers (both the people and the root)
4. Accents.. Gah!
5. Red Velvet Cake...yummy!
6. Giraffes... Hello Melman!
7. Cake Vodka
8. Halloween
9. Sales - esp. art supply sales
10. Sea Glass
11. Back Scratches.  (if I was a bazillionare like Bill Gates, I would hire someone just to scratch my back... it would be a hedonistic indulgance)
12.  Foot massages (see above)
13.  Flirty old men.
14. My kids
15. Cotton Candy
16. Cheese
17. Twilight FanFic... oh gawd, I can't believe I'm publicly admitting it... don't judge!
18. Paper... any and all
19. Pumpkin Pie
20. Chocolate
21. Gerber Daisies
22. Stone Farm houses
23. Pop up books
24. A good cry
25. Cottages
26. Christmas
27. Cheesecake
28.  Bubble Baths
29. Baby Kisses

So if you are joining me here, tell me what are somethings that you are a sucker for?  Do we share any likenesses?  Don't be shy.  Say hello!  It's a big world out there!  Waves at Val, and Mary!  Please, do check out Artsyville! It's awesome.

Stay Safe and Love Yourself


  1. these are awesome...I need to borrow some for my own list! including cheese! welcome to List it Tuesday and thanks for participating!

  2. love this colorful list. i wholeheartedly condone your back scratching addiction. i think i may add "professional back and head scratcher" to my people to hire when-i'm-a-millionaire list too!

  3. Interesting list. Hmmm, I noticed a lot of food items on there! lol. Baby kisses are my fave....

    1. Yup, I am a sucker for food. It's one of life's greatest pleasures, too bad that most of the stuff that taste's so amazing, come with not so amazing calorie counts :)

  4. Hi, so glad you joined List-it Tuesday, we're having tons of fun! Oh FOOT MASSAGES...!!!
    Great list!

  5. Gerber daisies, foot massage, COTTON CANDY (how did I forget that!), CHEESE! (AND THAT!)

    Love your list.. and your art. So lovely.


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