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Monday, 8 October 2012

Another year older, another year thankful

Acrylic, white and black Sharpie

It's been a crazy few days in the Krazy household.  October 6th saw the arrival of my 36th rotation around the sun.   I spent the day working, then with family eating large quantities of food in celebration of Thanksgiving.  Followed by a day for me of purchasing art supplies, going to the movies with my family, art journaling and picking up Nana Krazy from the train station for a visit.  All in all it was a lovely weekend.  So, in honour of this momentous weekend, I would like to share 36 reasons I am thankful for this year.   I AM THANKFUL FOR:

1. My husband
2. My children
3. My son's therapist
4. My daughter's therapist
5. My friends
6. My Parents
7. My extended family
8. My job
9. My health
10. My dog
11. My time for journaling
12. The roof over my head
13. The food in my belly.
14. Being a woman in Canada
15. The unconditional love and support I recieve
16.  My imagination
17. The times that are quiet
18. The times that are not so quiet
19.  My ability to see beauty
20. My ability to hear beauty
21. My ability to feel beauty.
22. Patience
23. Good humour
24. My Strength
25. My right to vote
26. My voice to be heard
27. The fact that no one can read my mind.
28. My verbal filter even if it breaks every once and awhile
29. The health of my loved ones.
30. My neighbours
31, My education
32. My Mentors
33. My ingenuity
34. My Happy Pills
35. Chocolate
36. For being able to make the journey around the sun at least one more time.

Stay Safe and Love Yourself,

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