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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Meet Ted Pestalooney

Today is a big day in the Krazy Household!  Little Krazy visits the ENT (Ears,Nose, Throat) Specialist today, and hopefully we will get a surgery date to remove Ted Pestalooney, the Pesky tonsil!  Our family doctor laughed when she looked inside Little Krazy's mouth for a routine check up.  "Oh my gosh, I've never seen tonsils that big, it's like they are going to reach out and grab me!"  And hence Ted Pestalooney was born.  Let me just add, I LOVE my family doctor.   Little Krazy has suffered from Strep Throat his whole short 5 years.  He is typically on antibiotics several times a year.   The last dose ending this past Monday.   He also still does not sleep through the night, and I think this is largely due to his mucus producing tonsils that literally choke him awake.  I also think his lack of solid sleep might actually factor into his surely behaviour.  (I can dream)   Now, Little Krazy is NOT fond of doctors, doctors offices, or anything or anyone who looks like they MIGHT be a doctor, so we are looking forward to this appointment with a hopeful sorta dread.  We've prepared him the best we could, telling him many times over the past month, week, day, that we will be going to see the Dr., that the doctor will want to look in his throat, and that we want that doctor to remove that Ted Pestalooney so that Little Krazy doesn't become sick as often.  We have had to remind him repeatedly that although we are meeting the doctor today, Ted Pestalooney is not being removed today!   Right now Little Krazy associates the removal of Ted with copious amounts of ice cream and Popsicles thanks to his older sisters!   We will tackle the reality of removing Ted once we have a surgery date.    So I will consider today a success if we get through the appointment with no meltdowns and leave with a surgery date somewhere in the not so distant future... Like in the next couple of months and not next year! 

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