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Monday, 5 November 2012

Slowing Down

Tea-Stained Art Journal Page Prompt Take it Easy
Mixed media, Distress Ink, tea, and Pen


November's prompt over at A Year in the Life of a Journal is RELAX.  Visually, I am not happy with this page, it's kinda blah.. kinda like the month of November.  The upside is that my journal now smells like chai tea, an aroma that wafts over me whenever I open a page to create.  It's strangely comforting.  RELAX is an interesting concept this time of year, especially for me, as the holiday season is beginning to ramp up.  The holidays are a somewhat stressful time, as I try to make it memorable and meaningful for the kids.    As an adult my mind tries to stretch what little money there is to make thinks magical.  Don't get me wrong, it's not about the giving or the gifting, and we put very little emphasis on the material here at chez Krazy, but I want my kids to have the magic and warmth that I fondly remember as a child.  They are only so young for such a short time, but memories made, those will last a life time.  Unfortunately, November is the time of year I typically start to enter hibernation mode.  I start to shut down physically and emotionally, some days it's a challenge to get out of bed.  I usually perk up a bit around Christmas only to crash and burn in the aftermath of the holidays.    It is something I desperately want to try to avoid this year.  It starts here, with this blog, my art journaling, and my creative head space.  I'm hoping that these things will be my life line, my reminder that although the days are dark and grey, my home, my heart, my creativity is a place of light.   With this page I remind myself to TAKE IT EASY.  Read books, take bubble baths, star gaze, make art, drink tea, be still, daydream, listen, feel.  Take Time, Make Time, Wander with Wonder, just BE...    Until next time. 

Stay safe and Love Yourself,

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