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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Painting of mermaid on rock in front of large moon.
Little Mermaid - Mixed media, marker, acrylic
So this weeks list it Tuesday... yes I know it's Wednesday... is a wish list.   My mother and I use to play a game with the Consumer's Catalogue (anyone remember Consumer's?)  and the Sears Wish Book.  I believe she played it with her mother as well.  It was called "If I had a million."  We would sit together on the couch, catalogue between us, and for each page, we could only pick out one item we would want if we had all the money in the world.   As a child it was great fun with mom, looking back as an adult,  I see now how poignant that game was.  I wanted for nothing as a child.  As the only child and only grandchild, I was indulged and spoilt and loved.  My mother gave me the childhood she always wanted.  My mom's mom died when she was young, and my mom grew up the middle of three girls with a single alcoholic father.  Her's was not a very happy childhood and I often wonder if she played that game as a little girl desperately wishing for her wishes to come true and how disappointed she must have been when more often than not, they didn't.  She is my wish come true, she is everything I could want in a mother, a role model, a friend, a caregiver.    Now that mom is older, she is learning to make her own wishes come true.  She is a true inspiration.   In the past few years, she has a swam with dolphins, zip lined, para glided, and most recently returned from a two week trip to Ghana helping to build a school for the children (something she has been wanting to do her whole life).  The emotion as she spoke of her time there was powerful, as she said to me, "When you think you have it bad, when you think you have nothing, you must remember that there are people that have literally nothing, we (as first world nation) know nothing about what true poverty is".  I look forward to hearing more about her time in Ghana after she has time to reflect on and process her experience. 
Wow.. that was pretty heavy for the beginning of a usually light hearted list it Tuesday!  I guess I just wanted to ponder on my wish list, and even though it's for fun, and some of my list seems frivolous and excessive, I am truly grateful and blessed for the people in my life, the roof over my head, and the food in my belly.  So without further ado, I present to you my list.
1.  Full line of copics.... I laughed at how many people had this on their list.  But seriously, have you used a copic?  Drools....
2. Full line of CW stencils... because Crafters Workshop stencils are awesome!
3. Ah Hell let's go for broke, a magic art supply cupboard that stocks whatever I need whenever I need it.
4. While we are on magic, how about a magic fridge that has meals already prepped and ready when I open it's magical door.
5. While on the topic of food, I'd really like chocolate and ice cream to be nutritious and fat/calorie free.
6. A maid service... I would love a maid service, more time to create less time doing laundry.
7. Speaking of Laundry, how about a dryer that doesn't eat socks and folds the clothes for you.
8. While on the subject of domestic bliss I wish for my husband to learn to put the dishes in the dishwasher.. seriously, how hard can it be?
9.  My kids to grow up happy, and health, and appreciative
10. To spend a year with my family and travel the world. 
And for you and everyone in the world, I wish for peace, happiness and good health.
Stay safe and Love Yourself


  1. LOVE your list!! And I am extremely close with my mom, too, so I really thought your opener was great ;) Wishing you lots of pie-in-the-sky dreams come true...Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. Love it! Nutritious and calorie free ice cream...if it ever happens, I would buy stock!
    Copic markers would make a nice gift...you should print this list and put it in front of your husband!

    1. Lol Lynn ... I've tried... Believe me! Expensive buggers those copics!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my list! You always know the right thing to say to make my day brighter :)

  4. sounds like a great list. I used to do the same thing as you and your mother. But I would just go through a Wards catalog myself and choose one thing per page. I didn't know other people did that too! {:-Deb

  5. Hey who said we could have magic? Hmmm I like your ideas all of them I'd like one of each also. Happy SMWYG!

    1. Aww hey now Mary, the world needs a little more magic don't you think? Lol!

  6. Not only did I chuckle with each wish, but I wholeheartedly agree and share your wishes....and I'm with you all the way on the stencils. I make my own but have CW to fill in the design blanks.
    **My wish...please add me to your wish list for any of yours that are granted :)

    1. Will do darling! Everyone needs at least three wishes granted in their life time!

  7. I'm loving the continuity in so many of these lists... art supplies and someone to clean up after us! YES! :D


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