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Saturday, 24 November 2012

In Memory of Ryan... gone too soon, but never forgotten.

Ryan's Page December 17, 1987- November 22, 2012 Mixed Media Collage.

This entry is dedicated to my friend Ryan.   Ryan and I have never met, yet I consider him to be a friend.  In a world that has become smaller thanks to technology and the Internet,  I have several cyberfriends from around the world.  Friends who I have never physically touched or hugged, but that does not make their importance in my life any less.  I have laughed with these friends, cried with these friends, listened to music with these friends and on occasion been drunk with these friends.  All thanks to the wonders of video phone, I have been connected to people who I might have never have met otherwise.  Ryan was one of those people.  In fact Ryan was the first person to walk me through the Tiny Chat process, our interaction brief that time, as I watched him game, and he laughed at my lack of tech savvy.  Over time I began to know Ryan better, we played the same game, sometimes on the same side, sometimes not.  He was funny, caring and would do anything for a smile.  Our group video conferences were always chaotic, but Ryan always took the time to say hi and welcome me.  Ryan was a glass is half full kinda guy.  Those who knew him would speak of his humour, his kindness, and his warmth. 
Ryan went missing last year on February 13. I last spoke with him on the 12th, in which he excitedly told me about his day with his daughter.  His first in a VERY long time.  It was the last time I spoke to him, but he was full of smiles and promise.  Life was looking up.  On this past Thursday, November 22nd, Police Services announced that the remains of my friend had been found, and 1st degree premeditated murder charges are pending for three suspects.  My heart hurts for my friend, his family, and his daughter.  That three people felt they needed to play god in the life of a human being is reprehensible.  Ryan was only 24, a life full ahead of him.  He will never, ever live his life as he imagined, to the fullest.  That he will never again smile, laugh, cry, dream, know his daughter or love, is unimaginable as I try to make sense of his death.  And there is no making sense of it, ever.   So I honour Ryan today, and will continue to remember and honour him always by living my life to the fullest, in a glass is half full kinda way.  <3 Balls to you Ryan!  You had it in spades.  You were a brief presence in my life, but your light shone brightly, and will continue to shine in my heart for the rest of my days.  Be at peace Eli.
Be Safe, Love Yourself, and Be Good to each other....

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