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Sunday, 16 December 2012


Mixed Media Collage

This weeks List it Tuesday theme was "What's in your junk drawer?" Oh the list is infinite... I have numerous junk drawers in my house, each like Mary Poppin's bag... Seemingly endless. I have a confession to make, or rather a truth to state! Mr. Krazy and I are not a tidy pair. Household chores often get set aside for more important tasks, such as drawing, journaling, wood turning, or spending time with the kids. Although, a majority of household tasks fall upon me, I've long since given up trying to maintain a spotless house. Daunting when your mother is a manic housekeeper a la June Cleaver. (In fairness, my dad does most if not all cooking). I refuse to Iron, and dust... Please.... I have to check my Facebook page! Every so often I get hell bent on trying to change the tide, instituting everything from 15 minute family tidy time, to a mom picked it up box, now you've lost it do a chore.... Blah blah blah.. I once left a piece of paper on the floor to see if anyone else would pick it up.... Two months later, I sighed and threw it in the garbage. That's not to say my kids don't have responsibilities and chores, because they do, I just don't nag about it. However, if they wants friends over, their room needs to be livable before and after the visit. I guess that's what our house is... Livable... Lived in, comfortable.... I wouldn't have it any other way... But I wouldn't say no to a maid service either!

I spy with my little eye ....
Glue gun,
Yoyo parts
Flash cards
Hand sanitizer
Phillips and Robertson screw driver
Box cutters
Take out menus
Twisty straw
Paper clips
Sun catcher
Phone cord
Lens cloth
Phone charger

Etc etc!

Stay safe, and Love yourself,


The JUNK drawer!

And here we have some ATC Art from the past week, all cards are marker, colour pencil and ink.

Mad Catter



"Harold couldn't understand why the locals didn't swim in the Loch"

"Stanley realized, perhaps a moment too late, that throwing a snowball at a yeti is NOT a good idea!"
"Sadly, Marvin did NOT have eyes in the back of his head"


  1. The ATCs are funny, twisty straw doesn't seem to go with tape etc gotta love the freedom of a junk drawer. Thanks for sharing with SMWYG!

  2. Very extensive listing! Your writing is so interesting as are your ATCs!


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