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Monday, 6 May 2013

Playing God with Dandelions.


Just a quick post today.  I've finally got my act together and finished the monthly Colour This Quote from Artists in Blogland before the actual end of the month.  I also video taped my process.  This months quote from Picasso is  "Every Act of Creation is first an Act of Destruction."  Yup.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, sometimes something beautiful can come from the destruction of something else.    I chose to use dandelions on this page.  First because my lawn is covered in them, and although they are considered weeds, there is something lovely and beautiful about a dandelion   Bright and plentiful, tenacious and stubborn, impossible to get rid of, kind of like me.  Second, I felt the dandelion embodied the sentiment behind the quote quite nicely.  The simple act of destroying a dandelion is also an act of creation.  After all, plucking it from the ground and blowing its seeds in childish glee also perpetuates the species.  In destroying one dandelion, we perhaps create hundreds more.  I encourage you to go out today, destroy a dandelion and spread beauty in it's wake!


PS I swear this all sounded better in my head... honest...


  1. Beautiful! And I love your philosophy for choosing the dandelions!

  2. Love your page and I love dandelions. They are like a little sunshine, even on a rainy day.

  3. Still thinking about that quote. Your idea is wonderful! Found you through a comment on Happy Mail. I'd be honored to be your partner! And just love your random art of kindness happenings. How beautiful :)


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