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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Time Flies...

Mixed media collage with zentangle and transfer

Holy Bat Balls! It's been a busy week. I feel like I've forgotten to breathe. Not much time to sit down and write, and my motivation to get my art on, was low at best. My intentions were good, I would sit down and start working on something, but ultimately, I would become distracted or irritated, or tired....or hungry... or interrupted... a LOT!  Killing two birds with one stone this week again. My entry for Glue it Tuesday and Artists In Blogland's monthly colour me quote. This months quote was brought to you by Judy Garland: "Always be a 1st rate version of yourself, instead of a 2nd rate version of somebody else." I like the quote, it's a good reminder to stay true to yourself.   I hate this page though... it's a second rate page. I debated on even putting it up... but... I'm staying true to myself ;)  Lettering is my nemesis!  I hate lettering. I feel many of my pages are ruined by mediocre lettering. Grrrr.   Do you like lettering???? Do you hate it too?  What are some of your ideas and suggestions? I'd love to hear from you.... I would love some pointers and suggestions.
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  1. Why do you hate it? It's perfect for the quote. I know, lettering is not my thing either...so I get out the crayons and just have fun.

  2. I think the lettering is fine and I like that you highlighted it with the white ink. It is good to share the good the bad and the ugly because it is more truthful. I feel the same about my lettering at times, for sure. You can explore with using typed text or found text in magazines and books and you can also dedicate a journal to nothing but hand lettering. Find different examples on the internet and make kind of a "hand lettering dictionary" Heather style.
    Hope you get more time for more arty fun!!

  3. Oh wow, I love the colours on this page. I LOVE lettering myself... maybe you might want to try to 'write between lines' like I show on my 'chronicles' page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maritscrapworld/8561448159/in/photostream

  4. I think the page looks great! And I love the quote. I'm surprised you can kept focused on the zentangles when you say you've felt distracted. I find I have a hard time staying centered while drawing zentangles. {:-D

  5. Love that image of the woman in the middle.

    Each page has something to teach us even if we are not enamoured with it! :) Love this quote, how true it is. I want to improve my lettering as well. I am also making an art journal that will be dedicated to lettering and typography.

    It is all part of the practice!

  6. This has got so much detail I can't even see it all at one time. I must take periodic breaks and look down at my pencil.

    I love it!

    Now, I told someone I don't like my lettering. And they said no one likes their own lettering.

    That was helpful!

    So, since I can't claim to be special in not liking my own lettering, I vowed to do more of my own lettering in my journal this year. And I will tell you this: You start liking it. You do. You stop making everything so huge of a deal and you see the wonder of you.

    I mean, my letters are still hideous, but I don't care any more.

    HA!! just kidding. I'm just glad I was taught to write by hand. I have noticed my nephews don't really hand-write very well because they never have to. Embrace your handwriting!

    You've inspired me to work more on my lettering and on my transfers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Well done! You have beaten the 'self-doubt' creature inside of you by posting this. I think it is great.

  8. I think your lettering is really cool! I mean it.
    Even though I love handwriting, I don't always like the outcome. Totally depends on my mood and so many other things... if I feel it's not a 'good lettering' day, I scribble really badly on purpose - this way it's almost not read-able but looks kinda artistic ;)


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