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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

RAK's are Flying out Today!

From Left: ALBERTA RAK #12 and ONTARIO RAK #13


So if you have been following along, you may remember I have started a project to send RAK's (Random Art of Kindness) across Canada.  It is my goal to have one in each province and territory for a total of 13 in all.  The first RAK is being sent to a dear friend from my college days who has offered to place the RAK in Alberta.  The second RAK is a "Personal RAK" being sent to Ontario, meaning that I was asked to send it to someone in particular by a third person ;)  The third RAK is being sent out to BC to another dear friend who will place it somewhere publicly to be found.   So off I go to the post office!
Stay Safe, and Love Yourself,


  1. I love a good zentangle and these are GREAT!!

  2. These are sooooo pretty. I've got to try this sometime. Anyways I'm writing because I got your page off of Abandoned Art on FB. I too am Canadian, I live in New Brunswick but live close to the border of Nova Scotia so I could "Kill two birds with one stone" or two zentangles with one car? Well anyways feel free to message me if you'd like me to abandon a couple of little pretties for you.


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