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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bloom True Bootcamp Prompt 4 Get Quiet

Tangled up in Quiet

Today, it is just me, an empty house, a sleeping dog, and my songza "Daughters of Folk" playlist.  Finding the quiet today is easy.   Not everyday is so perfect for reflection with two kids who fight like cats 'n dogs, a husband who works long hours and a dog that's always underfoot, finding my inner peace can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  My inner peace or personal form of meditation if you will comes directly from my art.  When I am getting my art on, I am in my bubble, (my mini krazy's and I pronounce it BOO-ble, think Grue from Despicable Me).  My bubble is pretty serious stuff.  It was created in response to my loving and over-excitable son who would very innocently, and with much much vigor pounce on me for hugs, attention and to tattle on his sister while I was mid-draw.  Several ruined drawings later, the Boo-ble was formed.  My bubble surrounds me, it's about 5 feet wide.  There is no yelling for me if I am in my bubble, you must come to me.  There is no fighting within my bubble and if you need to enter my bubble, you must ask, you may not touch until I have "popped" the bubble which I will most assuredly do in response to almost all responses.   The bubble is always popped for hugs and the apocolypse, requests for snacks not so much.  Apples in fridge, crackers in the cupboard... GO. 

Often in my bubble I can be found practicing the art of Zentangle.  I love tangling as it allows for my to not think, to just follow the flow and go with what feels "Right".  There is no wrong way of doing things here, and is often a soothing balm for a frustrated and blocked artist such as moi. So today, in my quiet solitude, I tangled.  I thought of nothing, just went for it.   Heavenly.  And the best part... my bubble is still intact.

Stay safe and love yourself,

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