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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Blooming True Day 3

Well, I did it! 12 hours later I have my space 98% to my liking.  A couple things still to go.  I want to join the two tables together permanently and cover with an oilcloth or the like.  I'm pleased with the progress.  Sharing my studio space with my kids has been a challenge but as they get older the less the toys invade and the more the art supplies takeover.   I also teach from this space, so keeping things organized is a must.  Everything is gathered and sorted, I am indeed ready for the quiet of tomorrow!  

My Art table 

A place for printing and wet work. This spot pleases me greatly :)

You can see my inspiration board here.  It's actually a pair of wooden doors covering an electrical panel. Here is where I place things of importance to me, pictures, motivation, quotes, funny things that make me smile.  I'm excited to fill this up with great and wonderful things.    

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