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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Eat it!

Just a quick post today.  Mr. Krazy is away for work until Saturday, so I am solo-parenting.  Never easy.  When Mr. Krazy asked me if it was okay that he go for 4 days on a work project.  I said "Sure, No Problem".... sometimes... I eat my words.  I eat my words a LOT!  I'm so full of things I, A. Never should have said, B. Never Should have agreed to, and C.  Never really felt.  I'm so full it's disgusting really.  Take for example a current job which I agreed to.  I didn't really want to, it pays really poorly, it's not my area of expertise, and it makes me sweat like a pig.  Instead of saying "No, thanks for the offer" which my brain was screaming at me to say, my mouth, which has a brain of its own opened happily with a smile, and said, "Sure, No Problem!"  To which my brain shook it's head sadly.
The moral of this story I must learn to say what I feel, instead of what people want me to say.  People pleasing is something I do best, but at the detriment to my own mental sanity.  The upside is I might lose a little weight doing this job, and the bit of money I earn.. I'm going to spend it all on me for a change.  The next time I'm asked.. I might just say "Let me think about it first."... Baby steps!


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