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Monday, 25 March 2013

F@#K IT Monday!

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I, Head Krazy, here by dub today, and every Monday hence forward as F@#K IT MONDAY.  From now on, when F@#K IT MONDAY comes a knockin' I solemnly swear to dress in nothing but sweat pants and a hoodie, and do nothing all day but ART.  I will not lift a laundry basket, or scrub a toilet.  Button to follow...... feel free to join me..

The day comes every week, with out fail, yet it never fails to astound me how heartbreakingly hard Mondays are for my Family.  Again and again, no matter how hard I try to prepare Littlest Krazy for the transition from weekend to school day, I am never ready for the forkery that is known as F@#K IT Mondays at my house.  It twas particularly bad this morning, as its the first day back for Little Krazy after March Holidays.  I knew it would be difficult, yet some how, I still hoped it would be different.  Call me optimistic.   It's starts right from the minute I wake him it with loud screams of GO AWAY, I DON'T LIKE YOU, and  continues on through breakfast with yells of dissatisfaction over breakfast selection.  We struggle through 20 minutes of hell known as getting dressed, only to pass through the seventh circle of damnation known as brushing of teeth.  I was particularly thankful for Mr. Krazy's presence this morning, as he was able to drive Middle Krazy to her school.   And Middle Krazy... bless her little heart, had plenty of hugs, and I love you's for your's truely, as she calmly and deftly got herself ready for school.  I try hard... really hard to understand and remember that Little Krazy is not like this because he wants to be, he never asked to have anxiety.  It just is.  But on day's like today, when it's a struggle to keep my head above water, and my sanity about me... I just wanna say.... F@#K it.

On a happier note, RAK 5 was placed today at a grocery store in Toronto on Sunday.  I giggled at the irony of the photo I took as I looked at it this morning, which I didn't notice at the time I was taking the picture.  "Take home a little amazing".   I hope this little piece of amazing was taken home, and brightened someone's day!

Random Art of Kindness 5

Until next time!
Stay Safe and Love Yourself!



  1. Such a sweet idea! especially as it is next to the take something amazing sign. Whoever picks it up will be very happy. :)

  2. I need to shop for appropriate hoody...

    Just magic that you took that pic there :)


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