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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rak 3 and RAK 4

RAKs 3 and 4 went out today. Number Three went to a local Walmart, and middle Krazy hid number four at a local shopping centre. My middle crazy, who will be 11 in April, has asked to make some RAK's of her own! I am so glad that she has been inspired by the idea. We had much fun plotting where to put number four... In the end she decided to put it on a shelf ledge. Didn't have a camera to take photos this time, but will try to remember for future RAKs.

Stay safe and love yourself!!

Head Krazy


  1. What a great idea! I went down and scrolled through your posts because at first I didn't know what a RAK was! I thought you were leaving your kids at Walmart, etc. LOL! But I love this and will share it on my blog. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope someone shares a RAK with you so that your Monday perks up!

    1. LMAO... today I felt like leaving my kid at a Wal-Mart! Thanks for Sharing I appreciate it greatly!


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